Sunday, November 1, 2015


   As many of you know, I launched Jamie Ever After in a way to encompass my new growing family in my life as well as continue to share my story as a Mom, wife, fashion-lover, and crock-pot enthusiast. Now that everything is centered around Gavin, Holidays will surely be different this year and I am so excited to start some new traditions with my little man.
   Yesterday was Gavin's first Halloween.  We had my in-laws come over and help pass out candy while we went around the houses and showed off his little duck costume.   Since I come from a large extended family, my family is, and has always been, all about hand-me-downs.  Gavin's costume came from his big cousin Breylan and he is the third kid in our family to rock it on Halloween!
   Some of my fondest childhood memories come from the traditions my family practiced during holidays.  I want to not only pass on some favorite traditions from childhood, but create new family traditions with him as a family.
   For Christmas, I remember always falling asleep at Christmas Eve's midnight mass, and Easter dressing up and getting our kielbasa and egg-filled Easter baskets blessed at the Polish church in New Britain.

 {Gavin's first Halloween as a duck}
{Our first Halloween as a family}

What were you favorite traditions as a kid?

Ever After,


  1. Such a cute duck costume!! Love your blog :)

  2. Beautiful family and your son is so adorable!
    Xo, Christianne


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