Friday, November 13, 2015

Series: Friday Faves

Friday Faves is a light-hearted series of my weekly favorite photos, recipe, and moments that do not make it to my Instagram or a full blog posts, but are definitely share-worthy.  Like this amazing Greek pizza recipe that came out to be an amazing last-minute dinner this week when I had some spontaneous company.

1. Greek pizza for some mid-week flavor. Recipe from Art is the Handmaid of Good.
2. Baked butternut squash; my favorite fall side dish.  I sprinkled with a little cinnamon and is heaven.
3. Jingles really does have the life.  I am envious of her several cat naps, especially since Gavin has been restless this entire week, leaving one tired Mama!
4. These handmade earrings by local CT designer, Halcyon Artistry.

What were some of your faves this week?

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