Thursday, November 2, 2017

Hello, November!

Fall is in full swing and I am loving the added layers.  Although summer is my fave temperature season.. fall is my favorite fashion season!  I love layers, booties, ponchos, trenches... and everything fall.  Bring it on!

Some updates on my life... Gavin loved trick-or-treating and is an all-around amazing toddler.  Gsh, I love this age!    And like every proud mama, I'm sharing his face for the world to see... :)

Happy November, y'all!

Ever After,

Monday, September 11, 2017

Yes, You Can Wear White After Labor Day

    I am here to give you permission to wear white after labor day! This fashion rule idea of "no white after labor day" came about in the 20th century so this supposed fashion rule is over 100 years old.  I for one, am not going to pack away all my white clothes in the fall/winter because some uptight woman said it wasn't OK to wear white, haha. 
     I am embracing my daring fashion sense, and am in love with this white dress find at the Express Outlet on clearance At Clinton Premium Outlets .  In the summer, it was perfect as-is and for an appropriate workday, I layered a dress shirt underneath to fare the cooler weather. 
Please wear your white dresses, white pants, and white everything this fall/winter to stop this age-old tradition.  Just don't wear legging as pants. :)

{Dress: Express Factory Outlet | Franco Sarto Lace-up wedges also worn hereDSW | Dress shirt: Express| Sunglasses: Ray Ban}

Ever After,

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

First Stop: Vineyards | Next Stop: Forest

   So let me start with you forget how beautiful Connecticut is when you have lived here all your life.  Ryan and I rented another beach house in Old Lyme, CT right on the water and it was incredible.  We did it last year as well and wanted to try some new adventures and restaurants along the shoreline.
   We had the perfect date night and I highly suggest any couple vineyard and foresta hop!
A good friend + foodie blogger recommended La Foresta in Killngworth which was not too far from where were staying so we decided to give it a try.  Since we had a 730p reservation and we had a baby sitter at 6pm, we knew we had a time for a quick drink before dinner.
   We stopped by Chamard and we were so happy that there was live music.  It was the perfect start to date night and I started with a nice glass of rose (my ultimate beach wine) and we enjoyed some conversation and acoustics.
     Then we entered La Foresta.  The drive helped us understand the name... it truly feels like you are driving to the forest.  Once we got there, I was instantly impressed that there were fresh crops such as tomatoes and zucchini growing right on the restaurant property.  When we arrived, the owner himself, Francesco sat us to our seats which I truly appreciated.  Seeing someone so passionate and acting as a host/owner/waiter is very refreshing.
     I was immediately drawn to the wine list which was a thick book with possibly 100 pages of options.  When it comes to wine, I like to have options.  The owner recommended some wines and I loved the attention to detail.  I ordered the special which was house made pappardelle with lobster tail.  It was incredible.  Big portions and big flavor and not a single bite disappointed.
      Because we were so close to the beach, we were able to walk after dinner which is a true Italian pastime--in Italy we walked after every single meal and I loved being able to do that on the beach because of the location of the restaurant.  Thank you, Francesco for a wonderful time!

Ever After,