Friday, December 1, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts She NEEDS (not wants)

So many gift guides are for the "cute" items that someone may WANT but this guide is focused on what they may NEED.  By NEED I mean every single girl should have all of these gifts.  I searched and scoured products that aren't just pretty but are a solution to a problem.

1. The ShhhowerCAP

If you're like me.. you try to stretch out your blow-out for as many days as possible but traditional shower caps are always letting me down!  I have never found one that works quite right for me, that is until I discovered these babies. The shower cap has been reinvented, ladies and they are amazing.  The material is made with hydrophobic material so that none of your hair gets wet.. at all.  Oh, and they are so adorable that you don't look like an old grandma wearing them. So many cute selections here. 

2. Hand-knitted Mermaid Blanket.

Yup, every women needs their mermaid blanket to stay cozy and watch Hallmark Christmas Movies while feeling like a lazy mermaid.  There are many versions of this blanket coming from China that are not-so-soft and this one is super soft, hand-knitted and adorably purple.

3. The book, Girl Logic by Iliza Schlesinger.

Iliza hilarious and gives great advice to women, explaining why our "Girl Logic" sometimes guides us in every necessary direction and at the same time gets in the way.  So funny, insightful, and entertaining, every girl needs to read this book!

4. Avocado Huggers

If you eat Avocado, you will NEED this.  I am constantly saddened by the number of (half) avocados that I find wasted by throwing them in a plastic bag.  The Avocado Hugger hugs half the avocado to keep it fresh longer.  Genius.  Now I want Avocado toast.

5. Flavor God Startup Spice Rack
My husband got me these last year and it was one of my favorite gifts! So many spices are loaded with so much sodium, artificial flavors, and just plain junk.  Flavor God spices are gluten-free, kosher, and a lot of the mixes are salt-free as well!  These spices help me get more creative in my cooking while keeping everything healthy.

Ever After,

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Hello, November!

Fall is in full swing and I am loving the added layers.  Although summer is my fave temperature season.. fall is my favorite fashion season!  I love layers, booties, ponchos, trenches... and everything fall.  Bring it on!

Some updates on my life... Gavin loved trick-or-treating and is an all-around amazing toddler.  Gsh, I love this age!    And like every proud mama, I'm sharing his face for the world to see... :)

Happy November, y'all!

Ever After,

Monday, September 11, 2017

Yes, You Can Wear White After Labor Day

    I am here to give you permission to wear white after labor day! This fashion rule idea of "no white after labor day" came about in the 20th century so this supposed fashion rule is over 100 years old.  I for one, am not going to pack away all my white clothes in the fall/winter because some uptight woman said it wasn't OK to wear white, haha. 
     I am embracing my daring fashion sense, and am in love with this white dress find at the Express Outlet on clearance At Clinton Premium Outlets .  In the summer, it was perfect as-is and for an appropriate workday, I layered a dress shirt underneath to fare the cooler weather. 
Please wear your white dresses, white pants, and white everything this fall/winter to stop this age-old tradition.  Just don't wear legging as pants. :)

{Dress: Express Factory Outlet | Franco Sarto Lace-up wedges also worn hereDSW | Dress shirt: Express| Sunglasses: Ray Ban}

Ever After,

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

First Stop: Vineyards | Next Stop: Forest

   So let me start with you forget how beautiful Connecticut is when you have lived here all your life.  Ryan and I rented another beach house in Old Lyme, CT right on the water and it was incredible.  We did it last year as well and wanted to try some new adventures and restaurants along the shoreline.
   We had the perfect date night and I highly suggest any couple vineyard and foresta hop!
A good friend + foodie blogger recommended La Foresta in Killngworth which was not too far from where were staying so we decided to give it a try.  Since we had a 730p reservation and we had a baby sitter at 6pm, we knew we had a time for a quick drink before dinner.
   We stopped by Chamard and we were so happy that there was live music.  It was the perfect start to date night and I started with a nice glass of rose (my ultimate beach wine) and we enjoyed some conversation and acoustics.
     Then we entered La Foresta.  The drive helped us understand the name... it truly feels like you are driving to the forest.  Once we got there, I was instantly impressed that there were fresh crops such as tomatoes and zucchini growing right on the restaurant property.  When we arrived, the owner himself, Francesco sat us to our seats which I truly appreciated.  Seeing someone so passionate and acting as a host/owner/waiter is very refreshing.
     I was immediately drawn to the wine list which was a thick book with possibly 100 pages of options.  When it comes to wine, I like to have options.  The owner recommended some wines and I loved the attention to detail.  I ordered the special which was house made pappardelle with lobster tail.  It was incredible.  Big portions and big flavor and not a single bite disappointed.
      Because we were so close to the beach, we were able to walk after dinner which is a true Italian pastime--in Italy we walked after every single meal and I loved being able to do that on the beach because of the location of the restaurant.  Thank you, Francesco for a wonderful time!

Ever After,

Monday, June 19, 2017

Bell-sleeves + Ripped Denim

I've always loved the contrast of a formal piece with a more laid back bottom.  A pair of distressed -denim can dress down any look and paired with this adorable ruffled bell-sleeved top is absolute perfection!  I have a huge thing for bell sleeves yet I always find myself wishing I could wear them more because at work, the sleeves get in the way of typing and the rest of the time I am coloring with/chasing after/holding/painting with/play-do-ing with Gavin.  The struggle is real.

{Missguided Ruffle Crop Blouse: Nordstrom (on sale!) | Topshop Ripped Mom Shorts: Nordstrom | Gladiator sandals c/o Zaful}

Hair + Makeup by Allure Traveling Beauty

Ever After,

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Business + Brunch

     Britt and I met when she was the Marketing Director for her sister's dental practice and I was working as their advertising rep for TV.  We clicked right away, complimenting each other's shoes and clothes and I knew we would be more than business partners; we would be friends.
     Making friends in the same industry is refreshing because although we have our best friends from childhood or our college roommates, sometimes it's so cathartic to be able to talk about work and bounce ideas off each other.  Our texts consist of back and forth blog ideas and of course the occasional link to a cute top we think the other would look great in!
    We set aside time each month to have some creative discussions and just catch up on life.  This past Sunday, we decided to check out brunch at 75 Center Street in Southington, CT. This place is the closest thing to a true NYC brunch you will see in central Connecticut with amazing "hangover" burgers and unlimited Mimosas and Bloody Mary's. Service is awesome and Gavin loved everything on the menu.  Here's to many more Mimosas and business chats!

Ever After,

Monday, June 5, 2017

Taco Bout a Party!

{Homemade paper flowers from tissue paper were perfect for a Fiesta drink station}

{This beautiful Fiesta cake was a lime chiffon coconut with buttercream frosting.}
{These adorable no-bake Sombrero Sugar Cookies were a hit!}
{what's a Fiesta without churros?  These were a simple recipe and I made the mini so the kids could enjoy!}

      Gavin's 2nd Fiesta was everything and more!  We celebrated with a taco bar, tons of guac, and made sure to sugar the kids up on candy from the piñata. It was so amazing to see how much Gavin had grown from his first birthday since he was just starting to walk last year and this year, he was talking to everyone in complete sentences and couldn't wait to open his presents.  
     Before I was a Mom, I didn't get too much into DIY crafts but since Gavin LOVES arts and crafts, I wanted to really take a stab at making a lot of the decor myself with a mix of Target to the rescue. The mini piñatas were a blast to make.. I might even do a tutorial!  The tissue paper flowers were a lot of work but super cheap; I made like 25 for $1!  Gavin and I had fun putting together this whole fiesta and I'd like to continue to keep this tradition in getting him involved with planning for his big day every year.  

   P.S. of my outfit looks familiar, I wore it on a recent Cinco de Mayo outtake because I LOVE this shirt so much.  It's from Aeropostale and it's currently on sale now!

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

90's Child Style

   Yes, I loved everything about growing up in he 90's from the choker necklaces to the jelly sandals.  Needless to say, I am super excited about 90's style making a comeback.   Gavin photo-bombed my style shoot collected sticks so I had to share his cute little face as well. :)
   I found this fun 90's look on sale and figured it would be a super comfy dress with sneakers. I am loving some of these more daring, colorful slip dresses with tees underneath in this Cosmo style article as well.
What is your favorite 90's style? 

Lip color: Show Stopper c/o LuLu (local in CT!)  | platform sneakers: Primark (similar here) | Layered Dress: H&M }

Ever After,

Thursday, May 11, 2017

My Top 5 Tips for Saving on Designer at Consignment Stores

 I went to an amazing local blog event right in Connecticut to celebrate the grand opening of Consignment Originals in Manchester, CT.  The event was hosted by one of my best friend's advertising agency, Linked Media, so I knew it would be a great time.  We had so much finding treasures with each other and getting the first look at the store's hidden treasures.  Truth is, I am not newbie to consignment and am so excited that Consignment Originals has so many locations so I can hunt each one for treasures.

Here are my top 5 tips when shopping at consignment:

1. Follow them on Social Media. 

 Many times, social media is the first place that the staff posts the item.  You may want to check their policy on "claiming" an item, but if you follow on social media, you may be one of the first to know if you are following their social media channels.

2. Give Yourself Plenty of Time. 

One of the necessary evils of a consignment store is really going through the racks.  Some consignment stores, like Consignment Originals, make is easier if they are separated by brand, style, etc. but even so you really do have to be patient and go through

3.  Build a rapport with the staff.

If you plan on hunting for specific items, chat it up with the staff since they are the ones that do go through new inventory daily.  I had luck when I was looking for a vintage Chanel when I told one of the staff the type of bag I was looking for.  She called me when she though one came in so having that personal relationship really helped!

4. Consign your pre-owned clothing.

I find that if I have designer items that I find myself not getting much use of, I like to sort of "trade" it at a consignment store.  this way if I want something pricier, I can use my consignment credit toward the bigger purchases.

5. Keep in mind where the store is located.  

Know the geographic and demographics of the consignment store.  For example, if it's a wealthy town, you may find more designer items or if you know it's a "younger" city, there may be more options for junior styles, etc.  The people that consign at that store are likely residents of the area so your shopping should follow suit to the "style" of that city/town.

Hope these tips help!  Have you found any treasures at local consignment stores?

Ever After,

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Cinco de Mayo Inspired

When I think of Mexican-inspired fashion, I think of lots of vibrant colors and comfortable, wearable pieces.  I have been on a hunt for a Mexican-flair top because Gavin's 2nd birthday coming up in late May is going to be a Fiesta-themed pool party.  I found this top on sale at Aero and was so excited because it's comfy for a long day of hosting, light-weight, and super cute. I also got the royal treatment with hair and makeup.. all the details are below! 

 What are your plans for Cinco de Mayo? 

{Lace-up Peasant Top: Aeropostale (on sale!) | Red pixie pants: Old Navy | Franco Sarto Lace-up wedges: DSW}
Hair + Makeup by Allure Traveling Beauty
Ever After,