Wednesday, April 1, 2020

5 At-Home Easter Activities for Kids

5 at home Easter Activities for Kids

1.  Easy Coconut Macaroons.  Seriously a yearly favorite + so cute for the kids!  They can also be made gluten-free which is a plus and so easy to make with kids. You can find the recipe here.

2.  Paint rocks for your garden or backyard.  We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter as a family and these adorable rocks were a great way to spread our love and joy during lent with positive faith-based and family messages.  Another fun idea is to place them at a local park to spread positive messages.

3.  Bunny baskets from toilet paper rolls.  God knows we are home a lot more often and although toilet paper is like gold right now.. why not re-purpose those empty rolls and make adorable bunny baskets?  They made great egg holders. You can find instructions here.

4. Shaving cream Easter eggs.  One of my favorite activities growing up was painting and decorating Easter eggs.  My mom and I loved to get creative and in the 90's there wasn't all these fun ready-to-go kits like they have now!  I love this take on at-home creativity with a new take on painting Easter eggs?  Add in some fun texture with shaving cream to marble the color on the eggs.. they come out awesome.  Here is the link for full instructions.

DIY shaving cream marbled easter eggs

5.  Custom bunny cards for Grandma + Grandpa.  We know social distancing has gotten your kiddos away from their loved ones.. how sweet are these hand-made bunny crafts?  All you need is glue, cotton balls, small paper plates and markers.  

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