Thursday, December 20, 2018

Last-Minute Amazon Prime Gifts $15 + Under

It's December 20th and if you haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet, AMAZON IS YOUR BEST FRIEND.  Below is my gift guide for gifts under $20 (that DON'T SUCK) and you will get just in the nick of time!

1. For the foodie: Sushi making Kit

This is such a cool gift for the ones who likes to experiment in the kitchen.  How much more fun can you have in the kitchen.. think Samantha Jones in the Sex and the City movie!

2. For the pregnant chick: Multi-color Motion Sensor Toilet Lights

Seriously this is one of the best Amazon purchases my husband/amazon addict has ever gotten.  I was getting up 5-6 times per night while pregnant and the motion censored lights in the dark are perfect so you can find the toilet haha.  Now we have them in every bathroom!

These are a game-changer especially for the master bathroom and for children too!

3. For your #BOSSBABE co-worker: Rose Gold Diamond Pens

Have a co-worker BFF?  Brighten her day with these adorable pens that will make note-taking in boring meeting so much more fun!  At under $15, these are the perfect small way to tell your office friends you appreciate them!

4. For the Instagram addict: Knitted Texting Gloves

Adorable gloves that will not knowing keep them warm, but they do not have to take off every time they use their phone.  Perfect for the ones whose always cold!

5. For the DIY-er: Pink Tool Set

How cute is this tool set.  No need to ask someone to hang pictures or to fix things around the house, this adorable tool box if perfect for the self-sufficient lady in your life!

6. For the Hostess: Wine Glass Markers

I received these as a hostess gift a couple years ago and love them!  No more, "Is this my wine or yours?"  Can have fun with them with silly phrases and nicknames as well.  The perfect gift for anyone who hosts a lot!

Ever After,