Monday, January 20, 2020

A Dose of Real Life: An Open Letter to My Daughter

I'm not a size 0 and that's OK.  Truth is, the only time I was ever a size 0 was in High school and I was doing extreme dieting to the point where my mom made me watch a Lifetime movie about a girl who dies from Anorexia.  It worked.

Now that I have a daughter, I want to pass on the unconditional love that my mom always reinforced in me.  My mom taught me healthy eating habits at a young age so that it wasn't about being skinny, but about being healthy.

A simple yet powerful message for my daughter:

Dear Savannah,

Whether you are a size zero and naturally skinny (like Daddy) or have always been a little curvy (like Mommy), I want you to know that God made you just the way you are in his image. (Genesis 1:27)  Your innate body type was designed for you and all you have to do is nourish your body with amazing food and exercise to be the best version of you.  My hope for you is that you don't start dieting at 12 because you have natural hips forming or you don't feel inadequate because your body isn't developing yet.  My hope is that you look at food as fuel and medicine rather than obsess over diets and calorie-counting.  I hope you never spend a dime on plastic surgery or on diet pills (Do you know how many pairs of shoes you can do with that money?!)  I hope you look in the mirror and always see yourself the way I see you.

I hope you never find your worth in the size of your jeans, the size of your bra, or the size of your waist- but only the size of you heart. 

You do not need bigger boobs.

You do not need to starve yourself.

You do not need to waist train to look like a Kardashian.

You do not need to gain weight to look more "feminine."

 I hope you use your beauty for good and and radiate your light to others with confidence.  You will always be beautiful and you will always be "you" and there is never a competition with others.  How amazing it will be if you and your friends lift each other up and support one another while strengthening each other's self-worth.  

After you have a baby, I hope you smile at your stretch marks and go easy on yourself.  Your body is a beautiful, miracle-maker and how blessed you are to have experienced the most amazing gift a mother could ever ask for.  I hope you look at your body as a strong, beautiful miracle that not only carried around children but continues to carry on the strength to rock your babies to sleep, give them horsey-back rides, and push them high on a swing-set.

I hope you don't loathe the changes of your body after breastfeeding.  Know that your body has nourished your babies with the most amazing gift you can ever give them.  Isn't your body simply amazing that it can create and sustain life on it's own?!  

I hope you spend way more time laughing, hugging, and traveling than you do looking in the mirror.  I hope you always know you are beautiful, you are strong and most of all, you are so LOVED. 


Ever After,