Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Opposite of "Second-child Syndrome?"

    Everyone keeps telling me that the second child will be so much easier because, "you'll know what you're doing.." and you won't be so nervous/worries.  I am waiting for my mind to just chill out because every time I look at Gavin, I think.. "Will I really be lucky enough to have another child as smart and perfect as you?" 

    I know it's such a weird way of thinking and could be a mix of lack of sleep and pregnancy hormones but I still worry a lot about labor + delivery and just the health and well-being of my baby once she's born.  I also feel a ton of pressure to make sure that this baby gets the same amount and love and attention as my first and feel a tad guilty because I have way less done for this baby in terms of the nursery and just an overall "plan".

Any of you mamas feel this way when it came to your second child?  I'd love to know that I am not the only one that is not feeling like Super Mom even after having a child already.

On another note, I am in love with these maternity overalls from Motherhood Maternity.  They do not even feel like jeans- they are so stretchy and comfy!  I have a feeling that I'll be able to wear them post-partum a lot since they are perfect for fall.  So stay tuned for basic Instagram posts of me in overalls doing the following: visiting pumpkin patches, apple-picking, attending local fairs, and eating apple crisp along with a PSL.  😜😛

Ever After,