Wednesday, June 22, 2022

My Microblading Experience + Special Discount

Microblading has been on my "wishlist" for years but truly, I just didn't know enought about it and also wondered if it was worth the cost.  My eyebrows, like most, have thinned out since I've gotten older and I am so in love with a bold brow.  I found a really good brow kit from Benefit Cosmetics and this was working for a while but I was longing to save 20 minutes every morning and wake up and go.  I am not a huge makeup person and try to take under 30 minutes to get ready so felt like brows were really carmping my short get-ready time. 

I'm also a pool-owner and my son would say, "c'mon do a Cannon Ball, Mom" and of course after I went under, I was left with smudgy brows.  The freedom of diving in a pool with no eyebrow worries is truly amazing (stuff women go through to look good-haha)

Finally, it was my chance to finally have my chance at micro-blading. First I met with Denise, permanent makeup artist to see if I was a good candidate for microblading or powder, which is dependant on the amount of brow hair you have. I knew I had to do research and find someone who was experiences, professional, and had a great reputation. When someone referred Altered Image Permanent Makeup and Hair, I was so happy to hear that Denise was a licensed tattoo artist and has over 20 years in permanent makeup. A lot of people think microblading is not a tattoo process. Any time color is placed into the skin with any device it is considered a tattoo process. Microblading is performed with a grouping of needles attached to a handle to manually create lines that resemble eyebrow hairs.

Honestly, I am so thrilled with my brows- I decided to go with Microblading with Brow Enhancement, which includes the initial microblading appointment, toouch up, and the brow lamination to make the brows more fluffy and beautiful :)  I highly reccomend getting that package.  

Some things to consider when considering microblading that I learned.

COLOR - I was AMAZED by the color selection and how exact Denise got.  I decided I wanted to match my natural hair color/root color and I was happy with the results.  When it first gets done, it is serval shades darker but once it heals, it is the permnant color which is lighter. Some people prefer darker brows, lighter, etc so Denise discusses these options and works with you to choose the perfect color.

PROCESS - It hurt WAY less than I thought.  I heard "tattoo" and through it was going to be as painful as a regular tattoo and it was NOT for me.  It's much smaller strokes and it's relatively quick service 15-25 minutes. Also, it helped that she applied topical anesthetics are applied to alleviate discomfort.

AFTERCARE/MAINTENANCE - Healing took about 2-3 weeks for me. All I did was keep putting on Vaseline generously to avoid flaking.  however, even one day after, it looks pretty good so you are fine to go out  + about, just avoid picking or putting product on t for 24 hours.  Touch-ups are a per customer basis- some don't need touch-ups at all and some 6 months or a year.  the touch-ups are far less expenisve (about 1/2 of 1/3 of the cost depending on how much you need).  

PRICE - I did my research and I found that the average microblading price was $500-600.  Of course you get what you pay for but I was pleasantly surprised that Denise is currently offering a Summer Package!  Altered image is offering FULL micro-blading special for only $350.  PLUS if you want to do the brow enhancement like I did (to get that super fluffy look) she is offering that for only $30 (50% off).  Just mention my blog + Denise will honor this special pricing, however you do have to book before July 4th, 2022.  You can book for a future date (I reccomend calling her ASAP because she is a busy lady) and booking you date to get this awesome package.

Have perfect eyebrows already?!  We're jealous.  Don't worry, Altered Image offers so many amazing services like eyelash extensions, lip blushing, other permanent makeup services, nails, and hair services like Brazilian Blowout and full color/cut.

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