Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Walmart is Going Postal!!

Ok, as most of you know, I'm a huge Walmart fan.  I just love that you can get so much shopping done in ONE store and am always in love with their price conscious school supplies, adorable kid's clothes, and kid's party items!

Walmart Shipping
As most of you know, I own my own business, Taylored Media Group, and I only have ONE day during the week to get all those pesky errands done and Savannah is always my wing-woman since Gavin is in school.  Especially since it's cold out, I try to make sure it's quick and painless for both of us!

Once I heard that Walmart had conveniently launched FedEx Shipping RIGHT inside select stores, I was thrilled!  Being a blogger, I am always thrifting clothing on sites like poshmark or simply sending items to out-of-state family and friends, so this news was really exciting and convenient. 

Walmart just got a whole LOT BETTER!  They now offer full-service postal services!  I was able to visit Walmart in West Haven, CT and check the postal office our for myself.  

It was so easy to use, and I loved that it was self-service (COVID-friendly) and no long lines.  

My favorite part was being able to run an additional errand without schlepping my daughter to a post office.  

Also.... SAVINGS!!  All of the shipping supplies (boxes, bags, etc) are available at NO additional cost PLUS Walmart is waiving handling fees for a limited time at their new self-service shipping center.
To find a Walmart shipping location near you, go here.

The whole process is super easy.  First, you choose your bag or box you want to use (NO extra charges), then you out the package on the scale and go to the self-portal to pay and print your shipping label and your lock automatically pops open! Simply stick the shipping label, place in locker and shut locker.  THAT'S IT! 
Check out my Video below on our experience!

Are you a Walmart fan like I am?  Will you be using the new shipping office inside?!

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