Monday, February 6, 2023


If you're like me, it's probably time to update your LINKEDIN profile picture. But does your picture really matter?  
According to Linkedin, having a professional photo taken helps build trust and credibility with your client and it demonstrates that you value their time. In this digital age, your headshot is your first impression.  This is a place where you don't want to skimp!


Sure, with smart phones everywhere with exceptional cameras, everyone's a photographer, right? This may be true for Instagram, but when it comes to headshots, I highly recommend investing in a photographer with brand headshot experience.  Not only will they know how to make you look professional and inviting, they know how to show you poses and certain backdrops that may go well with your brand. I used Ashlie Steinau Photography who not only takes beautiful pictures, but also specializes in brand photography which is so important. 


professional makeup

I spent several years in broadcast media at local TV stations like WFSB Channel 3 and WTNH News 8 in New Haven, CT and I learned some tricks from the anchors- makeup is important!  You would be surprised how a "natural look" ends up on TV.  Photos are 2-dimensional and not having any makeup will leave you appearing dull and flat. Even the most basic of makeup for your headshot is going to make sure your best features are highlighted and working in your favor. For headshot pictures, you want to look professional, put-together, and well-groomed. A hair/makeup artist will help you achieve the "look" you are going for.  I went to West Hartford to the talented team at Kiss & Makeup for hair & makeup. They did a great job at making sure I looked like the best version of myself! 


After telling you to get your makeup done, remember this isn't a Glamour Shot! The ladies at Kiss & Makeup gave me some absolutely great makeup tips to share with you guys when it comes to headshot makeup. 

    - Go airbrush for full coverage as it gives the smooth skin look we all want
    -  Opt YES for the false eyelashes.  In pictures it makes your eyes appear bigger and can help avoid "tired eyes".
    - Tell your stylist where you normally part your hair so that you look like "yourself."  

Of course, they can make sure there are no flyaways, but make sure to not steer too far from your normal look like adding hair extentions (unless you wear them daily), updos, or headbands/head jewelry. 


Our fashion sense tells a lot about us. Are you creative? Smart? Sloppy?!  Yes, your clothing SPEAKS and people DO judge a book by it's cover.  However, you also do not want to be someone you're not.  For example, I am not a traditional "pants suit" woman so I did not want to wear something I would never actually wear to a client meeting. Being in the creative field, I can get away with less traditional clothing that's a little more trendy.  Think about your clientele and what you would wear to your most important meeting. A bold blazer works wonders for a headshot.


Most people loathe having their picture taken and it shows.  One of the reasons it's so important to choose the right photographer is they know the flattering angles and know how to get you to loosen up. My photographer, Ashlie, did just that.  The more comfortable you are, the more natural the photos will come across. Also, not having to fuss over hair & makeup was such a burden off my back as well.  Have fun with your pictures and choose a space that captures your personality.  Having fun and being yourself is what will make your headshots stand out from the rest.

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