Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Business + Brunch

     Britt and I met when she was the Marketing Director for her sister's dental practice and I was working as their advertising rep for TV.  We clicked right away, complimenting each other's shoes and clothes and I knew we would be more than business partners; we would be friends.
     Making friends in the same industry is refreshing because although we have our best friends from childhood or our college roommates, sometimes it's so cathartic to be able to talk about work and bounce ideas off each other.  Our texts consist of back and forth blog ideas and of course the occasional link to a cute top we think the other would look great in!
    We set aside time each month to have some creative discussions and just catch up on life.  This past Sunday, we decided to check out brunch at 75 Center Street in Southington, CT. This place is the closest thing to a true NYC brunch you will see in central Connecticut with amazing "hangover" burgers and unlimited Mimosas and Bloody Mary's. Service is awesome and Gavin loved everything on the menu.  Here's to many more Mimosas and business chats!

Ever After,


  1. Judging from the pics you are the last person to interest in the best surfing places. On the contrary, you are a calm loving person, that inspires all of us!


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