Friday, May 27, 2016

Gavin turns ONE.

   Tomorrow my little baby is going to be ONE!!  When parents said the cliche, "it goes by so fast," I kind of chuckled and rolled my eyes because when I was pregnant it felt like 5 years.  Now I really know that having a child somehow speeds up time into fast forward and everything just flashes right before you.
   It feels like just yesterday that I met Gavin for the first time (read his birth story here), yet it feels like a lifetime ago that he was not part of my life.. does that even make sense?  Somehow this little munchkin has changed me very purpose of existence in the most positive way ever.  His belly laugh lights up my world, his cries break my heart, and his happiness and well-being is the most important thing to me in the world.  
   Happy birthday little guy!  We love you so much.

Stay tuned next week for a reveal of Gavin's under-the-sea party this weekend.

Ever After,


  1. Aaww he's so cute!

  2. awww have an awesome party little one :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Many congratulations & Happy Birthday Gavin!
    Hope you both enjoy the party, under the sea sounds like a fabulous theme

    What Raj Wants

  4. Amazing photo! Congrats!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  5. Happy birthday to your handsome little one!! I can SO relate to this. My babyboy is allready 8 months and i can't believe how fast time has gone by. Where is my little baby? Now he's a big chubby boy who can sit and laughs about kind of everything i do haha. Can't wait till better weather comes here to the Netherlands so he can play in our garden!

    I love how cute your little boy is! Because, he still is little, he will always be YOUR little boy!! :D

    Hope you had a great first birthday!

    Love from the Netherlands, x Rosie

  6. How wonderful! Congratulations girlie.

    XO, Jessi


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