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Motivational Monday: Guest post by Allyson Spellman

   Every Monday, my mom sends me an email titled, "Motivational Monday."  Usually there is a short story, motivational quote or even just a really intriguing photo.  As a working mom with a high-pressure career in media, even these small encouragements really resonate with me and help me start my week on a positive note.  I realized after getting a few months of my mom's Motivational Monday emails, this was the perfect for a blog series!  I know a lot of my readers have high pressure careers and huge goals to accomplish and we all need a little motivation.  Each Monday, I will have something to really get you excited about the week.
       One of my absolutele favorite things about working in broadcast TV is the opportunity to network and meet amazing people.  I met Allyson Spellman through a former colleague/friend Erin Logan, who is now a reporter for Fox 61, on our Women Who Wow initiative.
Allyson is the true example of balancing it all.
Allyson Spellman is a TV personality, women’s empowerment speaker, entrepreneur and the founder of Heels, Hustle and Muscle.  As a motivational speaker and author, Allyson takes over the blog today to shares some inspirational advice on how to reach your personal goals through self-empowerment.   

Guest post by Allyson Spellman

   People often look at me and think I have it all together or perhaps everything comes easy for me.  I wake up daily with every hair in place, a personal stylist to meet me at my closet, a trainer to tone me up at my home gym and a make-up artist permanently residing in my guest room.  Wrong. Oh so very wrong.
   I usually roll out of bed, fumble for some coffee, pray, meditate, pop in a workout DVD, scramble to get my daughter off to school, run around with curlers in my hair and just pick out whatever is actually clean in my closet.
    The fact is I am a busy working mother trying to make my mark in this world like so many others.  Every day I try to juggle and balance the many aspects of my life. Some days I fail miserably and some days I feel like singing from the mountain tops. 
   It is all about choices and I choose to no longer compromise the well-being of my mind, body and spirit due to limiting beliefs that I can’t do or be something.
   We simply can’t let our circumstances dictate how we live our life. There are always a million excuses to lead us away from living our full potential.  You will never have enough money, time, support or resources if that is what you continuously focus on. 
My world positively changed when I began to focus on what I do have rather than what I don’t. 
   I also carefully choose who I allow in my inner circle. If I want to achieve something then I surround myself by those who have already achieved it so I am inspired and learn from their wisdom and experience. 
I also surround myself by women that are also going after their own dreams because that too is inspiring as we support and encourage one another.  It is so important to always surround yourself with people that build you up and never tear you down. As I get older I have learned it is not about the quantity of people in my life it is about the quality.
A major lesson I have learned on my journey of success is there is one thing you can’t trick in life and that is your belief system. 

   The secret to having it all is believing you already do.  The good news is what you dwell on expands.  The bad news is what you dwell on expands.
   Right now at this very moment you are in the process of creating your world.  It is being created by what you give thought to, what you believe and what you expect.
We tend to get in life what we believe we deserve and you deserve your dreams. You are worthy of them right now because self-worth is not anything you have to work for, earn or hope to have one day. You are worthy by just being.
   When we live from stress, worry, doubt, fear, impatience and the belief we are not “good enough” we put a block to the divine flow in our life. When we don’t trust and own our worth we get desperate and I don’t know about you but desperation has made me to do some pretty crazy things- settle for an unhealthy relationship, agree to something that wasn’t in my best interest and compromise my health & well-being.
   Nothing new can come into your life unless you are grateful for what you already have. You have to give up the control of conditions in order to live from a divine state of being with an empowered mindset.  That is a pure state where excitement, joy, happiness, love and creativity reside. When you are living from that state of being you are tapped into your full potential.
   Life is not about doing, it is about being.
I encourage you to begin to listen to your inner wisdom or what I like to call “the wisdom within.”  Now we might be unaware of it or ignore it, tempted to look outside of ourselves for answers, but that inner wisdom never leaves us.
Accessing this wisdom within requires that every day we become quiet, allowing ourselves to sink into a deep state of surrender, openness, and then inviting the answers to come forth.  And if we don’t receive an answer right away, that’s okay. We are holding the space for the answers to come.
   As women we give so much of ourselves.  Now it is time to give back to yourself. 
My challenge to you is to set a non-negotiable time every day to just be with yourself. Use this time to turn inward and find the calm within the “busy-ness” of life.  Pray, meditate and one thing I love to do is write in a journal. Just flow, don’t censor as you write and see where it leads you. I believe it will lead you exactly where you need to be and divinely guide you on your next steps.

   When you do nurture yourself and make yourself a priority it will make you an even more engaging and inspiring wife, mother, partner, boss, sister, daughter and friend.
   The most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself.  It sets the foundation for everything in your life.  It sets the stage for every relationship in your life.  You need to cherish, protect and nurture that relationship.
   Make yourself a priority and honor your health, passion and connection with spirit.

PS- Sometimes saying “no” to someone else can mean saying “yes” to yourself!

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  1. yes! I too surround myself with positive and like minded people!
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  5. The secret to having it all is believing you already do. That' said it all for me. I say it often but I am still working on living it but I know the value of priming your thoughts for success.
    Great idea for a series.
    Following you now.

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