Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Gavin's Playroom Reveal

Before Gavin, we had the "fun" room connected to our living room which was where all the adults gathered at family parties mixing cocktails and sitting at the bar.  Needless to say, once Gavin came along, the bar became more of a hazard than anything so I really wanted to create a space that Gavin can have fun and Mom and Dad could have their living room back! 

       My vision with Gavin's playroom was to keep the cost down so I looked around the house for items that I could use in his playroom.  I decided to keep the original color in the room the same to save labor and cost as well.  Since the color was a golden tan, I chose d├ęcor that was rustic and would work with the paint color.
      As I was going through some things in the basement, I found an old coffee table that was just collecting dust and thought, this could be the perfect chalkboard table. It was so easy to do and basically cost nothing.  I found some black chalkboard paint at Walmart, painted two coats and let it try for a few days before Gavin went to town on it.  He absolutely loves it!
    For storage, I made a trip to Target and picked up two of these 6-cube organizers in white. They were a lifesaver for all the scattered toys that we did not have a home for.  I mixed and matched the fabric bins with solid and print and decided on these solid tan bins along with some fun prints to add some texture to the room.
    Gavin's play kitchen is his absolute favorite.  I found it on sale on Amazon and there were a few color options from KidKraft.  I stocked him up with play food and he loves playing kitchen.  Who says men can't cook?!

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