Friday, December 11, 2020

Gavin's First Sleepover: Not Your Average Slumber Party with Camp F.L.Y

I think I'm speaking for ALL the parents when I say it has been [ahem] creative coming up with ways to entertain the kids in 2020.  Confessing that I've relied on electronics in those dark days and have also gotten super-mom creative on other days.  Hey, it's a balance, right?

Summer was a little easier to navigate with outdoor playdates, beach trips, and pool time, but as we navigate these cold months it's certainly a constant challenge to keep the kids entertained.  What's more exciting than a classic (upgraded) slumber party for kids to bond?!

My son, Gavin, is SO in love with building forts and "camping."  When I found out about Camp FLY, I was SO excited to explore their sleepover parties for Gavin and his best friend.  It was absolutely way beyond my expectations.  Because it was Gavin's FIRST sleepover, it was a big deal and boy were the kids impressed.

Camp F.L.Y. has many different themes to choose from depending on the child's interest and age.  From princess slumber parties to Camping in the Woods, there is something for everyone.  They even do ADULT slumber parties which is such a fun alternative to going out these days, especially this year!

To check out their packages, take a peek at their options here.

I think ALL the Moms will agree the absolute best part of their service is NO set-up or clean-up.
They literally do everything for you.  Each child receives their very own teepee to sleep in with all the trimmings.  Camp F.L.Y. takes care of every detail--planning, setup, decor, pickup-- and provide an experience that your kids will never forget!

Don't forget to check them out on social media!! Here is their Insta!

They also have just a COUPLE spots left for their special Camp Fire Christmas setup! 

Three nights for the price of one!! $199 from December 23rd through December 26th. (local only)

3 spots left for Winter Wonderland theme 3 spots left for The Nightmare Before Christmas theme

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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Moms of School-age Children: We Are Not OK.. But We Will Be

    As I prepared my 5-year old son for kindergarten earlier this year, I should have been excited about him entering a new stage of education and life.  It's bittersweet that he is going to "real" school and he will learn so much and grow up so much in one year.
Then, I think about everything, as moms and parents and grandparents that we have lingering over our minds when it comes to children going to school.  It's devastating to think about what my generation has witnessed happening to children. Sorry, millennial-haters.  This millennial-mom generation does not have it easy. 
    In my home state, Connecticut, an entire kindergarten class was killed during school in Sandy Hook which is generally a safe, beautiful place to live. When I was in elementary school, I remember doing fire drills and then going along my merry way straight to the playground.  It's sad that at 2 years old, my son was taught how to lock a door with a belt to protect the class from intruders.

It's also sad that my child may not be able to have lunch with his friends and has to constantly ask me, "Is the Virus gone yet?"

Every single decision we make, we know we have to think cautiously about the lives and well-being of our children and the health and safety of others.  We worry about their safety when we should feel at peace that they are safe in school.  We worry about our children's health from spreading viruses and about their mental health, which is increasingly rising among young children.  In fact, the current pre-teen/teen suicide has tripled since previous generations according to Psychology Today.  Studies show that the main stressors affecting children's mental health are triggered by events like school shootings, racial discrimination, and sexual assault.  I'm sure as we look back on 2020, we will see that medical pandemics have a huge effect on our children's mental health as well.

    With such easy access to any content, news, or media outlet it's almost impossible to keep children away from the news of these triggered events.
In addition, The New York Times reported that for smaller toddlers and babies, masks may be delaying their communication development since they cannot pick up on visual clues.  

“Masks are not a great thing for communication in young kids,” Dr. Lewkowicz said. On the other hand, he said, the time children spend at home with people who are not masked will give them a chance to practice picking up the visual cues.

As moms and caretakers in this generation, we are constantly hoping that we are making the best decision, calculating every risk factor whether it be physical health, mental well-being, and developmental progress.  As we continue to navigate these times, be respectful of each other's decisions and do not be quick to judge the kid without a mask (there may be a reason) or the Mom that never leaves the house.  Know that these decisions are never made lightly.

School shootings, viruses, addiction, mental health issues, and racial discrimination are all on my Mom-brain, however, it is important to not let our fears get too consuming.  Even if it's not in person, check on the people you love.  Help each other, be kind, and in the words of Danny Gokey: "Love God and Love People."

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

5 At-Home Easter Activities for Kids

5 at home Easter Activities for Kids

1.  Easy Coconut Macaroons.  Seriously a yearly favorite + so cute for the kids!  They can also be made gluten-free which is a plus and so easy to make with kids. You can find the recipe here.

2.  Paint rocks for your garden or backyard.  We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter as a family and these adorable rocks were a great way to spread our love and joy during lent with positive faith-based and family messages.  Another fun idea is to place them at a local park to spread positive messages.

3.  Bunny baskets from toilet paper rolls.  God knows we are home a lot more often and although toilet paper is like gold right now.. why not re-purpose those empty rolls and make adorable bunny baskets?  They made great egg holders. You can find instructions here.

4. Shaving cream Easter eggs.  One of my favorite activities growing up was painting and decorating Easter eggs.  My mom and I loved to get creative and in the 90's there wasn't all these fun ready-to-go kits like they have now!  I love this take on at-home creativity with a new take on painting Easter eggs?  Add in some fun texture with shaving cream to marble the color on the eggs.. they come out awesome.  Here is the link for full instructions.

DIY shaving cream marbled easter eggs

5.  Custom bunny cards for Grandma + Grandpa.  We know social distancing has gotten your kiddos away from their loved ones.. how sweet are these hand-made bunny crafts?  All you need is glue, cotton balls, small paper plates and markers.  

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