Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Walmart is Going Postal!!

Ok, as most of you know, I'm a huge Walmart fan.  I just love that you can get so much shopping done in ONE store and am always in love with their price conscious school supplies, adorable kid's clothes, and kid's party items!

Walmart Shipping
As most of you know, I own my own business, Taylored Media Group, and I only have ONE day during the week to get all those pesky errands done and Savannah is always my wing-woman since Gavin is in school.  Especially since it's cold out, I try to make sure it's quick and painless for both of us!

Once I heard that Walmart had conveniently launched FedEx Shipping RIGHT inside select stores, I was thrilled!  Being a blogger, I am always thrifting clothing on sites like poshmark or simply sending items to out-of-state family and friends, so this news was really exciting and convenient. 

Walmart just got a whole LOT BETTER!  They now offer full-service postal services!  I was able to visit Walmart in West Haven, CT and check the postal office our for myself.  

It was so easy to use, and I loved that it was self-service (COVID-friendly) and no long lines.  

My favorite part was being able to run an additional errand without schlepping my daughter to a post office.  

Also.... SAVINGS!!  All of the shipping supplies (boxes, bags, etc) are available at NO additional cost PLUS Walmart is waiving handling fees for a limited time at their new self-service shipping center.
To find a Walmart shipping location near you, go here.

The whole process is super easy.  First, you choose your bag or box you want to use (NO extra charges), then you out the package on the scale and go to the self-portal to pay and print your shipping label and your lock automatically pops open! Simply stick the shipping label, place in locker and shut locker.  THAT'S IT! 
Check out my Video below on our experience!

Are you a Walmart fan like I am?  Will you be using the new shipping office inside?!

Ever After,

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Ultimate Amazon Gift Guide - Women's Edition

LADIES!  I have to admitt, I have WAY too many of these items and I only recommend for the women in your life because I personally LOVE them. 

For the woman who has everything.. here you go!

1. Bentgo Salad Lunch Box- LIFE CHANGING FOR ME!  You can separate toppings, dressing, and several ingredients and easily take a salad to-go without a million containers.  At $15, it will be the best $15 you'll ever spend.

2. Traditional Espresso Maker!  Easy to store + much less expensive than a full automated machine.  Perfect for the woman who drinks coffee daily but like a good latte or esxpresso every now and then! 

3. BPA Free Food Savers: Again, life changing. A great stocking stuffer to preserve your veggies!

4. The cutest little cocktail set! Something she wouldn't buy for herself but would absolutely love to enjoy with an at-home happy hour with the girls!

5. A heated PLUS weighted blanket.  In these colder months, step UP the coziness. Excuse me while I hybernate. 


1. Flickering Flameless Candles. I have these in my living room and bedroom.  One click and no dangers for the forgetful ones.. create a relaxing ambiance anywhere :) 

2. Sherpa Plush Robe - every women needs a good, cozy robe.  Sherpa is so, so soft!

3. Fleece Lounge Set - Jammies that can pass as clothes?  YES and YES! 

4. Mircrofiber Cheetah Blanket- the most versatile blanket that is cozy + pretty. 

5. Faux Fur Cross Slippers- I live in these from November- March! 

6. Luxury Bath Caddy tray: For the Bath Lovers - the ultimate bath accessory is this Boujie Bath Caddy tray.

For the Foodie/Hostess with the Mostess 

1. The Ultimate Charcuterie Tray: The PERFECT functunial tray to SLEIGH the charcuterie goals.

2. Denim Apron: Modern Day Apron and BONUS- it has pockets! 

3. Nespresso Verturo Coffee + Espresso Maker: Move over, Starbucks, Barista at home! 

4. Taco Bar Platter: Taco Tuesday just got a WHOLE LOT BETTER! 

5. Picnic Basket Set: The adorable picnic set with function + lots of accessories 

6. Sushi Making Kit for Beginners: Such a fun gift idea that will spark a sushi-making night! 

Need MORE gift ideas?  Check out the entire women's gift guide here 

Ever After,

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

My Short Story: Confessions of a Petite Girl

For my fellow Petites, you know it can be a real struggle finding clothing that actually fits.  Whether you are just a shortie like me and/or have a small frame, it can be frustrating to wear the kind of styles that your "average-height" girlfriends wear.

So when I finally tried Short Story, I was so happy that there was finally a curated service that truly catered to my petite frame!  In the personally curated style box, there were high-end brands that were perfectly suited for my body type and I was able to keep and purchase what I liked best... so much more fun than trying things on at a store!  Not to mention, Short Story is offered a $25 credit with my referral link below.  A perfect way to try Short Story for the first time.  You will not be disappointed!

You know your petite when you have:

  •  Shopped in the Kids Section.  I admit I am guilty of this, especially for sneakers and sports tees. 
  • Go on your tippy-tippy toes when trying something on that you have to wear with heels to see how it looks.
  •  Felt "short" in flats because everyone towers over you.
  • Wear nude shoes to elongate your legs.
  • Try to appear taller in pictures by going on the "higher step" or being the one who always kneels in the front of a group pic!


Make sure to check out Short Story Box to get $25 off your box!  This is the first subscription box where EVERYTHING fits perfectly- a rare find when your 5'2 and curvy!  They are run by a team of petite women, specializing in curating styles for your petite body type.  It's the most personal service I have ever received from a subscription-style box!

No more cuffing your jeans or rolling up your sleeve or raiding the kid's section for something that may fit. The struggle is REAL my fellow petite gals, but FINALLY we can join in on the fun!  Tell me your "Short Story," what fashion challenges have you faced being petite?


Ever After,